American Express New York

by : Richard Gilliland

The American Express introduced the IN: NYC card particularly for individuals with excellent credit history, who either reside in or make frequent trips to the New York City. The most striking feature of IN: NYC Card American Express is its "inside rewards points" that enable you buy all pleasures of life and enjoy it to the hilt.

The card brings along with it multiple benefits and facilities for people using it - right from luxurious stays, great food, to celebrity treatment at concerts and shows - all, yes all that will help you 'drink life to the lees'.

All the time, however, you will have to remember that IN: NYC Card American Express is meant for those of you who are capable to paying monthly balances in full, especially after the expiry of the introductory rate. This will help you evade mounting financial charges in the form of interests. You will additionally be rewarded for your responsible act of making payments in time (you can, of course, share your rewards with family and friends).

More About Inside Rewards Points

Single dollar expenditure with the IN: NYC Card American Express enables you to earn 1 Inside Reward Point. For each dollar spent on newspapers and magazines, you will receive 2 Inside Reward Points. The earning of 2 points also goes with movies, dining, cell phone, cable, Dial-up ISP subscriptions, and Gym Memberships, etc.

The reward-points neither expire, nor is there any limit to the number of points that can be earned and so you can go about adding points to your kitty without bothering the least. And if you are one who would like to share your points with your near and dear ones, then you can transfer the points to their IN: NYC accounts.

You can easily exchange your points in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. There are lots for you to enjoy with IN: NYC Card American Express - opportunities for you to encash your inside rewards points on Broadway show tickets, retail shopping centers, restaurants and membership in fitness clubs, etc. It is for you to decide as to how you can make the best use of this lucrative opportunity.

Special Features Of IN: NYC Card American Express

A striking feature of this card is the Tuesday IN: NYC program, which allows cardholders to use the card at preferred participating merchants like Oasis Day Spa, Nickel, Zabar's, Jean Paul Gautier, and J&R Music Computer World. Tuesday purchases from these select mercantile centers gets you a straightaway 10% discount.

Essential Facts About IN: NYC Card

?You do not pay any annual fee for this card

?For the initial six months, the card charges you 0% introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers.

?Regular APR at the expiry of the introductory phase is 12.24%

Other Benefits Of IN: NYC Card

IN: NYC Card pledges you all the standard benefits accompanying other AmEx cards including travel accident insurance, a variety of travel and emergency assistance services, auto rental insurance, purchase protection and many more services.