The Key Uses of Citi Platinum Select Card for College Students

by : Richard Gilliland

Citibank has been catering to its huge client-base throughout the world with great renown. The same holds for the different category Citibank credit cards - business cards, everyday cards, student cards, traveler's cards and the rest.

Our present concern is the Citi Platinum Select Card for College Students - a very reliable card with lucrative features and services that enables college students to work towards a sound and secure financial future.

Key Features Of The Card

The Citi Platinum Select Card for College Students is specifically designed to suit the needs of college students and it promises some unique features that are not found in other student cards. The regular APR of the card is 17.99%, but that does not make the card a jot less interesting because the high APR is offset by the multiple benefits. The details below will give you a clear idea:

?The Citi Platinum Select Card calls for no minimum income limit or does not even need a co-signer.

?The card has no annual fee.

?The introductory APR is 0% and is applicable on cash advances, purchases and even balance transfers. You can take advantage of this great offer for the initial 6 months until you default under any agreement of the card.

?The card also promises you a sweeping 25% off and free shipping at Peterson's (leader in education information and career opportunities).

The Citi Platinum Select Card for College Students is accepted more or less universally and that certainly is a laudable feature. Moreover, since it allows you to make a single monthly payment for most of your expenses, you will be undoubtedly benefited.

The Prime Advantages

The Citi Platinum Select Card for College Students has proved very advantageous for the college students so far. You too can build your credit history by making use of this card as it charges very low rate of interest and promises a host of benefits. Remember, a good credit history holds the key to attaining success in life later. Whatever you do - apply for a home loan or apply for a job - your credit history counts!

This is not all! The Citi Platinum Select Card takes care of even the basic requirements that college students are faced with; thus, you can buy clothing, textbooks, even rent cars and buy/rent other things or services that you may during the course of your studies with the help of this card. In a way, the card thus assures you financial independence.

Fringe Benefits

Citi Platinum Select Card for College Students comes with Citibank's specialized security measures and solutions and promises you other benefits:

?As a retail-theft preventing measure, the card now has your photo pasted on the credit card.

?You are covered under a zero liability program and are not held liable any unauthorized transactions over the Internet.

?The card brings along with it a $1 million travel accident insurance protection for you and your family members (all dependent members).

?You will be receiving services like lost luggage assistance, emergency transportation coverage, medical and legal referrals whether you are traveling in the US or abroad.

?You will be able to ask for replacement card or additional cards. You are free to talk to a customer service representative any time to receive cash advances.

?Citibank's privacy policy ensures that your personal information is always secure.

?The access to online facilities lets you view past statements, pay your bill, check unbilled activity, receive email updates when your bill is due.