5 Unbeatable Benefits of the Impact Visa Card

by : cynthiastewart

Prepaid cards bring a host of benefits to a card holder. The convenience, security and financial discipline they promote make them increasingly popular and cost-effective. The IMPACT Visa® Card is a very popular prepaid card . This Prepaid MasterCard® Debit Card does not extend you credit. Instead, accounts are prepaid for a specific amount and accounts are only good for the balance you have loaded/applied. The IMPACT Visa® Card has a wide acceptability and this Prepaid MasterCard® Debit Card can be used at more than 20 million locations worldwide. The benefits that come with IMPACT Visa® Card don't just stop here, in fact a look at the five unbeatable facts below and you will know that it is an offer not to be missed.

1. The IMPACT Visa® Card has no credit check of bank account requirement. There is no employment verification for IMPACT Visa® Card.
2. Toll- free phone support and a 24 X 7 On-Line Account Access makes owning and managing the IMPACT Visa® Card a hassle free experience.With the IMPACT Visa® Card you can set up automatic bill payments, eliminate check writing hassles and can pay your bills over the phone.
3. The IMPACT Visa® Card is very easy to purchase and gives multiple options to place money into your debit card. If you just changed your job, don't worry your IMPACT Visa® Card can be taken from job to job and can even have money directly deposited by your employer.
4. If safety is your concern, the IMPACT Visa® Card is the right prepaid card for you. It helps you store your money safely and eliminates the need for money orders or walking around with cash in your pocket.
5. The ownership costs of IMPACT Visa® Card are very low. It has no security deposit requirements and has low cost fees. And because the cardholder may only withdraw funds or make purchases up to the balance on the card. There are no late fees or interest charges to be paid.

The above benefits make the IMPACT Visa® Card, stand out in a maze of debit cards. The IMPACT Visa® Card issuing company keeps on adding new rewards and benefits to keep the offer competitive. This article informs the reader about the benefits of this outstanding debit card. The complete information and latest terms and conditions can be had from the IMPACT Visa® Card website.