Rapid Notification Critical in Emergency Situations

by : Joe

Voicent broadcast by phone autodialer technology allows any organization, business or school to send a recorded emergency message to all of the affected people without a delay, and with very limited manpower. There is even remote access capability. Numbers need only to be programmed into the system initially, and updated as needed to assure efficiency. There is no limitation on the number of telephone numbers that can be programmed.

With the trend toward mobile communications, even as a substitute for landline telephones, people can be reached wherever they are and steered away from problems and emergencies. The capability to connect is extraordinary and, when used discriminately for emergencies only, a message will be respected rather than being ignored like a broadcast email message. Organizations such as FEMA are currently using Voicent solutions for emergency alert of hurricane threats

The system is easy to set up and inexpensive - from $300 for a basic system. There is no proprietary hardware required, no monthly service fee, and no per call charge.

Set-up instructions are driven by on-screen directions and the Voicent.com website provides a quick start guide that is almost foolproof. The upfront time required to set up the phone database is a one-time labor, and database updates should not require additional staffing or special skills if the task is done on a regular basis as changes occur rather than waiting for a scheduled session. Accurate phone information is the key to success with the Voicent Communications program.

With this cost effective system, no community, school or organization should ever be without the means to communicate emergencies effectively at the most stressed-filled times. For more information, check out the Voicent Communications website at http://www.voicent.com.