Details of the American Express Blue Application

by : Joshua Shapiro

For those who have already established a good credit history and are seeking a card with a rewards program, the American Express Blue is an ideal card.

For no additional fee, cardholders have access to Blue's rewards program that allows members to earn points that can later be redeemed for different products and services. Points are earned at the rate of one point per dollar spent using the card, and have no maximum that can be earned nor do they have an expiration date.

The American Express Blue card has no annual fee. An introductory rate of 0% for purchases is offered on purchases, and can vary from six months to fifteen months. An introductory rate of 3.99% for balance transfers is good for the life of the loan for all balance transfers that are submitted with the original application. Purchases will be subject to a finance charge of 11.99% variable rate (rate may be lower based on the credit history of the applicant), and cash advances are subject to a variable rate finance charge of 22.99%. There is no balance transfer fee under current programs, but this may change later and will be disclosed at the time. A cash advance fee of 3% with a minimum of $5 is assessed for Express Cash transactions.

The Blue card is most beneficial for those who qualify for the lowest offered interest rate and who plan to take advantage of the many benefits and discounts that are available from American Express. This applies especially to frequent flyers that can combine their rewards from other programs with this one in order to derive the most benefits from it.

Some of the benefits a member can expect to receive by using the American Express Blue card include the following:

&bull Free access to the free rewards program

&bull Online access to account information

&bull No cardholder liability for unauthorized internet transactions

&bull Annual financial statement at year's end

&bull Return protection

&bull Extended warranty on purchases made with the card

&bull Insurance on rental cars

&bull Emergency replacement of cards

&bull Medical and legal referral services

&bull Insurance coverage for lost luggage

&bull Travel accident insurance up to $100,000

&bull Emergency assistance and travel related services