Details of the Wired Plastic Application

by : Joshua Shapiro

Wired Plastic is a stored value card that is designed for those who may not qualify for an unsecured credit card or may prefer the ease of a prepaid card. In addition, the Wired Plastic card has an awards program connected to it.

There is no interest on the account, no annual fees, and it lacks many of the fees that are common with most unsecured credit cards. Many of the credentials normally required such as a credit check, employment verification, and the like do not exist with this card. However, there are some fees associated with this card and will affect the amount of credit that you have available such as a one time application fee of $9.95, a monthly maintenance fee of $3.95, and a initial load deposit amount of $20. This makes the first year's fees for this card $57.35, quite reasonable for a pre-paid card.

With the Wired Points Rewards program, a cardholder earns one point for each dollar that is spent with the card. The points do not expire and there are no limits on the number of points that a cardholder can earn annually. Points can be redeemed to purchase long distance calling cards, music downloads, ring tones, and prepaid wireless airtime.

The card is assessed a fee of $1.95 for domestic cash advances at ATM's and $4.95 for international ATM and bank teller transactions. There is no reload fee is using direct deposit, Paypal, or ACH. A reload fee of $6.95 is charged for other reload options including in person transactions.

For those seeking a stored value card with a rewards program and who don't mind paying up front fees, this card is an ideal solution to the high interest unsecured credit card.

Some of the benefits a cardholder can expect to receive with the Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa card include the following:

&bull Online access to account information

&bull Monthly sweepstakes programs that offers new cardholders a chance to win $1,000 until June 30, 2006
&bull Automatic payment of bills

&bull Free reload options

&bull Access to a rewards program

Unlike unsecured cards, the Wired Plastic Prepaid card requires no credit checks, no bank account, has no income requirement, requires no employment verification, and no security deposit. You must, however, be a U.S. citizen with a valid social security card to quality.