Details of The Citi Drivers Edge Application

by : Joshua Shapiro

Consider what the Citi Driver's Edge can do for you. This credit card is perfect for someone that has a high credit score and is looking for a good reward program that is especially geared towards providing benefits for the purchase of a new or used vehicle. If you are looking for a new car, or will be down the road, why not allow your credit to help you to achieve just that and more? The Citi Driver's Edge is just the way to gain those benefits.

The Details

The Citi Driver's Edge will provide you with 0% introductory rate on your balance transfers. This rate will hold for any balance transfer that happens within the first 12 months of owning the account. In addition, you get a great APR on purchases. It is 13.99% variable for qualified individuals. For cash advances, you will also have an APR of 22.99% variable. This is figured with the finance charges as average daily balance, a more affordable solution for those that are looking to carry a balance on their credit card. There is no annual fee on the credit line either.

The Reward

The Citi Driver's Edge allows you to gain benefits doing things that you already do. You will get a minimum rebate of 1% and a maximum of 6%. You will earn 6% on purchases made during the first 12 months from places such as your supermarket or gas station. Then, you will earn 3% on these those purchases. In addition, virtually all other purchases will provide 1%. You can also earn Drive Rebates at the rate of one cent per mile driven. You can then use these rebates to the purchase or the lease of a new or used car, towards maintenance on that car, and for other aspects as well. You can only earn $1000 per year. Your rebates will expire in five years.

If you are looking for benefits of car purchasing discounts, then consider the Citi Driver's Edge as it will provide some of the best abilities for you to gain just that.