Poor Credit? You Can Still Get a Student Loan

by : Marlon Jackson

You may be thinking, "I will never get a student loan, because I have credit problems!" Well, rest assured that you can! In fact, there are student loans with bad credit available to people just like you! It may take some searching, but you can find loans through private or government institutions. You may have bad credit or a lack of credit that is inhibiting you. We all like to think our kids are the smartest on the planet, but the fact is they may not all qualify for a scholarship. This is where student loans are helpful. As with any loan, research is advised even if you are looking for student loans for people with bad credit.

Start by researching student loans on the Word Wide Web. You do need to be cautious though, because there are some fraudulent sites out there. Whatever financial institution you choose, make sure that it is a reputable company. Find out the company's reputation by contacting the Better Business Bureau and searching web forums to find out other people's experience with that lender. It's also a good idea to get several quotes before choosing a lender. You'll want to choose the one offering the lowest interest rate.

When you begin, look for low interest in the 5-8% percent range. One of the best is the Perkins Loan at 5%. These are available through the college. However, you must specifically ask for them. Most colleges do not like to discuss these loans for obvious reasons. If the student cannot get the loan himself or herself due to bad credit, the parents can apply on their behalf if they have a better credit history. The parents or a relative can co-sign on behalf of the student. The lender has backup in case the student defaults on the loan. Students and lenders understand the pressures of getting money so the popularity of student's loans with bad credit is growing.

Unfortunately, with the rising costs of education it is almost certain that everyone at one point will be asking for student loans with bad credit to attend the college of their choice. Lenders understand that a higher education aids the individual in getting that good job and thus repaying the loan sooner. You should always look around and find the best deal for you. It is definitely worth the effort when you see the amount you can save in the future.