Vehicle Purchase With Plastic

by : Ajeet Khurana

A car is one of the bigger investments you can make. Making the decision to buy one usually has to be accompanied by a number of trips to the local bank to make inquiries about car finance. Getting a car loan may be easier than getting a mortgage, but it still involves a certain amount of running around and all kinds of formalities. If one is going in for a secured loan, the number of documents required will be much more. If one has enough savings in the bank to fund the new buy, there is nothing like it. But most of us lack sufficient liquid cash to help us fund the buy.

However, car loans are not the only answer when it comes to getting that car. One great option would be to avail of a low priced credit card and use it to buy the vehicle. Buying a car with plastic may not be the most popular way of going about it. But a credit card could be the answer to your woes. For starters, consider the need to get approved for a loan. That in itself tends to be a time-consuming process. However, if one is using plastic to make the purchase, there is no need to get loan approval. Even the various discussions about loan rates and terms become quite unnecessary when using a credit card to make the purchase. However, it may be a good move to tell the card provider about the large purchase that one is about to make.

One advantage that a purchase by plastic would have over a purchase via a loan is that of the ease of repayment. A loan taken from the bank would necessitate making fixed monthly payments throughout the duration of the loan term. However, in the case of a credit card, one could opt to pay only the minimum monthly payment. Thus, there would be much less difficulty in the case of the latter.

Of course, even buying your dream car with your credit card is not hassle-free. For instance, even if your card starts out as being low-priced, it may not be this way beyond a certain period. Once the introductory low interest period is over, you might find yourself having to meet increased interest rates by paying a lot more. At this point, you could shift your balance to a cheaper card by using the balance transfer option. However, doing this a little too often may not be the best thing for the creditworthiness that you currently enjoy.