Swipe Plastic for Bliss

by : Ajeet Khurana

Want to shop without carrying a wad of currency notes? Well you should be using a credit card. Surely you are familiar with these magical pieces of plastic that are issued considering your credit history. Using the credit card one can make purchases of high value, without wondering if there is enough money in their bank account.

Most of the stores today accept cards, and have realized that people rarely carry cash on them. This holds for groceries and household items as well. Many people have a bank account with the credit card issuing bank, but this is not a necessity.

Credit cards have created a revolution. Today, there is not a soul who does not possess a card or who is unaware of its benefits. It has made life easier. It is now possible for everyone to afford products and services which were earlier beyond their reach. A few of the benefits of credit cards are mentioned below:

1. The primary purpose of plastic money is to add convenience to the purchase process. There is no need to carry huge amounts of cash and be worried about its safety. Since most leading shops and restaurants accept cards; life on the move becomes easier. MasterCard and Visa are cards that are accepted worldwide and can be used at any store or hotel to pay bills.

This convenience should naturally be exercised with caution and responsibility. If you find that there is a higher tendency to spend if you use plastic money, then think twice before you use your card. But if you are responsible, plastic money can be very convenient. Don't you agree?

2. Paying when one likes and paying as much as one likes are two of the most important benefits of plastic money. They can shop for an expensive article today and not be worried about payment for another 45 days. Also the user can spread the payments and make them over a long duration instead of in one shot. Credit cards are not the same as debit cards or charge cards. In the case of the latter, payments are drawn from your bank acount. However, in the case of credit cards, there is no connection with the bank account.

3. Other perquisites -- Credit card companies compete with each other in providing various perks and benefits to its users. There are points accumulated for every purchase made which can be redeemed for converted into equivalent cash. Points are used to buy merchandise with or without additional payment.