Stop Nco Financial!

by : Chane Steiner

The NCO Collection Agency has the nastiest reputation of all of the debt collection agencies that you may be faced with. Do not allow yourself to be bullied by them - any of them! They are all bound by the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This isn't a joke; this is federal law that protects consumers from exactly the type of unprofessional behavior that so many debt collectors engage in today. You see, you are protected by consumer laws. Just because you are experiencing financial difficulties doesn't imply that anyone - especially a supposed professional - is allowed to harass you and be degrading towards you. Here are some of the ways to stop NCO Collections from being involved in your life in any way:

Method 1: Send them a letter to cease. That's right, all you have to do is tell them to stop - in writing. Write them a letter and tell them that you request that they cease all attempts to collect a given debt from you. You must say that you will only deal with the creditor that says that you owe them - not a 3rd party agency. Send this letter via certified mail and request a receipt. This is the simplest way to stop the NCO Collection Agency from contacting you.

Method 2: If they continue to contact you after receiving the cease letter, you need to pay an attorney to craft a letter for you stating the same thing. It won't take long, so it shouldn't cost much. When the NCO Collection Agency receives the letter from your attorney via certified mail, they will definitely take notice.

Method 3: The NCO Collection Agency will stop contacting you if you enter into an agreement with them concerning the matter at hand. That's what they want anyway. If the debt is legitimate, why not just come to terms with them and remit payment as agreed? Be sure to let them know that you will not be sending the first payment until the deal that you make is sent to you in writing.

Method 4: You can end contact with the NCO Collection Agency by filing a bankruptcy. This should always be a last resort for the alleviation of your financial difficulties. It should be reserved for extreme cases only. After you have filed, NCO or any other debt collection agency is not permitted to continue to contact you. To do so, they would have to be granted special permission from a bankruptcy court and this is rarely done. It is never done for unsecured debts.

You can stop the NCO Collection Agency, or any other, from contacting you quickly and effectively. This is your life and you have rights. Stand up for yourself and exercise your rights to fair treatment now!