The Lowdown on American Express Blue Cash

by : Eric Wasselman

American Express offers a variety of credit cards designed specifically to cater to the needs of valued customers. Some of these rewards include redeemable flight tickets, privileges at renowned hotels, discounts and cash back offer. In fact, the American Express Blue Cash is undoubtedly one of the best credit cards of its kind for cash back offers.

With no annual fees to pay and a 0% introductory rate offer for half a year, the Blue Cash Card allows customers to earn up to 5% off their purchase value in cash back. Also, this amount is not dependent on whether the customer carries forward a balance or not. Shoppers are eligible to earn cash back from making purchases at drugstores, supermarkets and even at the gas station. The American Express Blue Cash even allows card holders to earn cash back rewards just by charging their monthly bills to their card. Furthermore, if you need allies to help you earn cash back at a faster rate, you can get your friends and families involved through the additional American Express Blue Cash cards available with no extra fees needed.

Purchases below $6500 which are charged to the card are rewarded with a 0.5% rebate while purchases of greater value than that earn a 1.5% rebate. Nevertheless, an annual charge limit of $50,000 is applicable to all cards. This means that there will be no cash back rebates beyond the annual purchasing limit.

Finally, those who use the American Express Blue Cash card will be pleased with the low APR for purchases and balances, even after the introductory period is over. Depending on the credit history of the card holder, APRs can be as low as 12.99%. However, APRs for balance transfers remain at 4.99% until the loan is fully paid off. Apart from that, customers are also able to enjoy purchase protection services and travel accident insurance worth up to $1,000,000. Esthetically speaking, unlike its earlier counterparts, the American Express Blue Cash card is available in a nice cool blue color which will look great in your wallet.