Simply Cash From American Express

by : Richard Gilliland

The American Express provides two different types of credit cards. One, the cards with a credit line that can be cleared over a period of time and hence have a listed annual percentage rate (APR) and Second, the cards that require the holders to pay in full at the end of the billing period, having an "n/a" value in the Regular APR category.

Simply Cash from American Express belongs to the first category, but it is extraordinary in the sense that it does not impose any annual fee on the cardholder. Moreover, the host of benefits that the card promises for business-personnel makes it a hit with them.

Benefits Of The Card

The Simply Cash Business Card from American Express benefits business owners, enabling them earn at the most 5% cash back on select category purchases. On all the other purchases made, they will get 1% cash back facility. With the monthly statement of credits, the process of earning cash back becomes automatic.

The 5% cash back can be obtained on the purchases made for business purposes like, gas, office supplies and wireless services. The purchases you make on your credit card, Simply Cash from American Express gives you 1% cash back.

This card provides you access to the OPEN(r) network, which is a part of the American Express group looking after the needs of small businesses (and their owners). If you are a small business owner, this team can help you find discounts and resources for your business. They will leave no stones unturned to find out a way of saving your hard-earned money.

You can get unlimited additional cards to your account at no extra fee. This enables you to give your employees Simply Cash from American Express in order to pay for qualified expenses. This will be a nice way to add to your savings as you can achieve cash back on these purchases.

The OPEN(r) network also lets you save on shipping and travel expenses, including expenses you make at the Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, FedEx and Delta. The savings on your card adds up to any discounts or savings you might have already obtained.

The credit card is quite different from the traditional American Express cards and allows you to carry a balance to the next month if it is required or pay your full balance, both ways you are not charged any annual fee.

The card offers a 0% introductory rate (APR) for the first twelve months and 7.99% introductory rate for the entire duration of the loan on balance transfers, especially if the transfer is done within the first six months.


Simply Cash from American Express lets you keep track of your expenses. You can manage your account with the aid of the online manager. You can also avail many fringe benefits like purchase protection, travel accident insurance, travel and emergency assistant services, emergency check-in service, discounts on products and services at participating merchants and retailers, emergency card replacement, many Internet account related services and other services.