Advertising In Your Small Reports

by : ebookreseller

From affiliate links, to upsells, there are many forms of acceptable advertising in your small reports. Advertising that you can take advantage of to create additional streams of income, or promote your own products more.

One of the most common ways to add advertising to your small report is to add an appendix of recommended resources and more. These resources can be considered a valuable and viable advertising method. These can be from your own products, of matching niche, area of sale or from other, select marketers that gives you benefit that you can measure and justify to your readers. Its not a good idea to promote too much, or your report will lose perceived value so add only carefully selected affiliate links.

Another powerful advertising method in your arsenal is to add a promotion for a product right at the start. This should be for one of your own projects, and will give your readers a reason to automatically sign up.

In freely distributed reports you can build up reasons as to why your customers should buy something. In an ideal world, everything would be free, but the reality of marketing is that the most important tools cost money whether they are yours or not, you can promote them in the small report, making it a viral way to push your own affiliate link to others. These small reports are usually in support of your main 'niche' area, and make your point all the more valuable, and attainable.

Any tool you choose to promote should be one you've personally used in the past and has produced tangible, measurable results for your projects, should match your overall theme of your niche, or supplement it in greater detail. This will produce a higher trust metric, which, in turn leads people to buy from you far more often.

Avoiding some common report mistakes

There are three very common small report mistakes. Mistakes that can cost you your hard work and time much faster than any other mistake you'll ever make - ones which are easily avoidable and but can be very hard to remedy.

The first of these mistakes is not providing a strong reason to redistribute your report. Although you'll find that free goes a long way, you'll also find that some people aren't inclined to redistribute free and they also won't read the report, or just won't find the time to create a way to offer it to others via their affiliate link.

So you'll have to offer some form of attractive bonus to the people downloading it to redistribute your report. That bonus could be anything from a percentage or ALL of the OTO in your membership area, or the ability to sell the report themselves or some other valuable items that give them a reason to distribute your book to their lists.

The second of these mistakes is failing to create a buzz - hyping your product before launch is a great way to ensure that people will be clamoring to get it. But at the same time, don't over promise or under deliver. Its important to remember that you'll need to create honest buzz, so that people beat a path to your door to download your content.

The third of these is not finding a joint venture partner or group of people to help you distribute your report. Affiliates are great when you've reached critical mass, and pay per click and search engine results won't hold a candle to the amount of promotional traffic a strong joint venture partner will bring you.

And there it is - the three most common mistakes that you can make and the easiest ways to avoid them. Avoiding them, though perhaps a bit more time consuming, but well worth it in the long run.