Frequent Questions About Smart Homes

by : artilce001

What happens in lieu of a breakdown

The system of a Smart Home is centralized but also compartmentalized. If one leg of the system breaks down, it will not result in a breakdown of the other systems. The central computer will recognize the inefficiency of the one part that broke down, cut it off, and allow the rest of the systems to operate as normally. The installation company will have to be alerted and fixed either by telephone or physical representation.

What happens in lieu of power failure

In case of power failure or outage the whole Safe Home system will revert to safe mode. This means that all the functions in the house will be able to be done manually by the homeowner. The systems in the house that are ultimately powered by electric, like the heating and cooling systems, will shut down.

How smart do I have to make my Smart Home

One of the luxuries of owning a Smart Home is that it is customized to the owner's tastes. So if the owner would like all the smart features offered in their home, they can take advantage of it, if they would only like a few things to have the smart option, this is an available decision as well. You can always add or eliminate options selected.

Can I change the way things work

If the owner finds that the way the Smart Home operates is not befitting to their likings, the installation company can be contacted to modify the way it operates. This can usually be done over the phone and will not require a physical visit to the home.