Does a Borrower With Adverse Credits Qualify for Car Loans?

by : Kirthy Shetty

Adverse credit history is created out of County Court Judgement, mortgage arrears, bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangement or defaults on loan repayment. Such a situation accumulates bad credit scores and it reflects in a borrower's credit report.

Whenever a borrower applies for car loans with such adverse credits, he/she will be denied of loans owing to such bad credits. As the lender feels that it's a risky proposition to lend loans to a borrower who has developed a credit scores and may not repay the car loan on time.

But, poor credit car loans are designed by loan companies, especially to address this problem of being denied for car loans on the basis of poor credit standing. No more do they have to get worried about being turned down for such car loans. However, one has to weigh the pros and cons of such loans before going in for one of them.

It is easy to obtain any car loan despite all odds. But a lender would require a borrower to have an employment status with regular income every month. Although one's bad credits will not be a deterrent in obtaining loans it will definitely influence his Annual Percentage Rate (APR). If the credit scores are favourable then a borrower gets car loan approved for a better APR than his counterpart.

A lender will also consider sound debt-to-income ratio. He would compare a borrowers' income in relation to the unpaid debts. It is advisable that a borrower repairs his credit score by doing the following:

Obtain a credit report and check if there are any errors
Consolidate multiple credit cards if any
Pay off smaller balance and close of the accounts

In addition to the above, a borrower can also consider making down payments of at least 10% of his car's cost. This reduces the risk factor of the lender in lending the car loans to a borrower who has made some down payments. Such down payments also benefits a borrower, in terms of the payment he has to make every month. It drastically reduces down the monthly loan payment the borrower makes to the lender.

With minimal efforts on the borrowers' side, he can obtain car loans at a good deal. Always opt for a reliable poor credit auto loan lender; a borrower should not settle down with any loan company he bumps into. Carefully weigh all the pros and cons, before going in for any type of bad credit loan.

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