Achieve a Bad Credit Auto Loan Without Signing your Life Away

by : Dale Rogers

Achieving a bad credit auto loan isn't hard to do with the proper requirements and documents for the lenders pending the approval. There are a variety of sources and ways to finance a car. There are several factors that influence a lenders decision to give a bad credit auto loan. Such factors include money down, debt to income ratios, work history, and of course the most important; one's credit score.
Lenders have special financing options for those with bad credit; they usually look for some type of collateral, such as money down, or a trade in (car that's paid off, or has positive equity). The amount of money down that you put towards your auto loan is extremely important this may determine your approval for the loan. Ultimately, the more money down the less the risk for the bank, the lower the interest rate, and greater chance of approval. Special financing options are usually to the benefit of the consumer, which is why it's offered. This is an opportunity to rebuild ones bad credit and prove themselves credit worthiness to the banks, and lenders. Of course with bad credit, it typically ends up costing you more than the vehicles actual value. Unfortunately, that's part of a bad credit auto loan, or any other type of loan, mortgage, credit card, etc. But in the end it's up to you to rebuild, and reestablish your own credit, which will ultimately benefit you in the long run.
Debt to income ratio is another important factor lenders use to determine your credit worthiness. A lower debt to income ratio is always preferred, along with a decent credit standing. A low debt ratio indicates your ability to handle more debt, enabling you to get better interest rates, meaning more opportunities from different banks. In some cases this may allow you to provide less money down or collateral. Although it's in your best interest to have more collateral if possible, with a low debt to income to get the lowest rates to essentially save more money.
Time on the job is an essential part of getting an approval with the banks, not only does it help your credibility, it may determine the final approval. The longer one has been on the job, the more it benefits, along with income being a variable. This gives credibility to the individual, giving less risk to the bank. Someone with a two-year job history is most likely to get an approval than someone who's been working less than a year. It shows stability to the lender, proving stable income, and the ability to pay the car. The lender doesn't want to see this car get repossessed, the less the risk, the more opportunities for an approval. This should also be verifiable income, the bank may ask you to provide your most recent paycheck stubs for final approval along with proof of residence.
Bad credit financing isn't as hard as most people make it to be. Getting an auto loan with a FICO score less than 620 is easy to achieve, even if you've had a bankruptcy! The amount of money down is a huge factor along with credit; its always a possibility to get an auto loan. Whether it may be the help of a friend, or relative co-signing, putting large down payment, or even your work history, it can be done with bad credit or even no credit. In the end you will have a car, along with reestablished credit, increasing your FICO score, enabling you to get much better rates in the near future, proving your credit worthiness!

Dale Rogers