Personal Loan - a Gamut of Secured Personal Loan

by : bernard john

Taking loans has become so common all over the world that it is no longer a matter of financial crises and regular conveniences. Lifestyle and indulgence too have become major factors.

1.Urgent - expenses related to surgery, extended treatments, late education fees, debt consolidation, etc.
2.Routine - expenses related to home, health, education, career development, wedding, vacation, holiday season, vehicle, debts, bad credit, etc.
3.Lifestyle luxuries - expenses related to spa treatment, spiritual healing, flying lessons, cosmetic surgery, gambling, etc.

The personal loan category is the ultimate answer for most of the above-mentioned needs. Though available in both secured and unsecured form, secured loan deals provide a great way to use the equity in the house to raise money for any legal purpose.

A secured personal loan, as the name suggests, can only be availed by someone who is willing to pledge an asset (like home) as collateral against the loan amount. Collateral protects the lender's investment and thus makes it easy for him to part with his money and facilitate the loan seeker with favourable loan clauses.

Advantages of secured personal loan UK are as follows:

1.Quick attention, as collateral guarantees payback
2.High credit range - normally between ?5,000 and 250,000
3.Low interest rates - typical range is 6.7% to 19.9% (subject to available equity)
4.Multiple rate plans -fixed/variable/discounted/capped/variable
5.Different repayment methods - capital/interest/partly interest and partly capital
6.Negotiable loan clauses like deferred payment up to 6 months, repayment holiday and accelerated repayment

Disadvantages of secured personal loan UK are as follows:

1.Clientele limitation - credit for homeowners and property owners only
2.Slow approval procedure - due to property evaluation procedure
3.Repossession threat - in case the borrower fails to payback

A close examination of the benefits and limitations of secured type of ascertains that this sub-type is ideal for a big monetary requirement. Also, it is most suitable for an adverse credit holder and probably the only alternative for someone who has been denied an unsecured loan.