Personal Loans: Personalised to Suit your Requirements

by : Bernard Ethen

Personal loans are one of the most convenient funding solutions available in the UK loan market. Most online finance providers and banks offer these loans to potential borrowers. The minimum criteria of borrowing these loans are that the potential loan seeker has to be 18 years of age and a UK citizen.

Personal loans are multipurpose loans that can be used for any legal purposes. Some common usages include consolidation of debts, paying off old mortgages, funding holidays, weddings, funerals, and educational expenses. Depending on the personal requirements, borrowers may opt for either secured or unsecured personal loans.

Secured personal loans can be availed if the borrower is willing to provide some kind of asset as security. Loan seekers should be careful about the total amount that they want to obtain as failure of repayment may lead to repossession of the borrowers home. Not only that, it will also mar the credit profile of the loan seeker. The maximum amount that can be availed by the creditor is ?250,000. Subject to the equity available in the house, lenders will decide on the total loan amount to be granted.

Unsecured personal loans on the other hand, don't require any collateral to be furnished against it. If the lender is convinced about the borrower's repayment capacity, the loan will be granted to the applicant. The maximum amount that can be availed by the creditor is ?25,000. A good DTI (debt to income) ratio certainly helps the loan seeker in getting competitive interest rates.

The best way to get good deals on personal loans is to compare the APRs of the different loan quotes and get a fair idea of the total repayable amount (TRA). An online search will give you a good idea about the prevailing trends and the market rates of the different interest rates.