Unsecured Personal Loans - Model Short-term Loans

by : Bernard Ethen

Unsecured personal loans are given without the need for the borrower to put up any security as collateral. These loans can be availed by anyone, from the tenant to the homeowner. Tenants take this loan because it is the only viable option for them. Homeowners do it when they feel they are taking too much of a risk putting something valuable up as collateral.

Unsecured personal loans have several benefits. One of the finest attributes with unsecured personal loans is the absence of collateral with this loan type. However, this very attribute has a downside. With collateral absent, the lender is at a loss here. Should the borrower not repay the loan amount on time, there is no real chance of the lender getting the money back.

Of course, there is always the option of the "charging order", but that may take time, and the repayment is not always guaranteed. There are several avenues to get unsecured personal loans. There are building societies and banking institutions, and there are private lenders and the online institution. The first two options are long established ways of getting loans. The other two options are more recent entrants into the loan market.

In fact, online lenders provide the loan borrower with a lot of choices as well as expediency. However, a customer going in for unsecured personal loans should do so with research and comparison analysis. There may be lenders in the UK market who offer loans with hidden charges and extra fees.

Unsecured loans carry relatively higher rates of interest than secured loans. There is a valid reason for this. The lender is compensating for a possible default from the borrower's side. Unsecured personal loans start from â‚?500 to â‚?25,000. It is advisable that borrowers pay off the instalments on time, as that would better their credit history.