Cheap Personal Loans: Materializing Desires and That Too Cheaply

by : Steve c clark

Today money plays a pivotal role in anyone's life. It is almost impossible to imagine life without money. So to make life easy and a lot better companies are providing cheap personal loans. These loans are meant for satisfying the day to day needs of the people i.e. the personal needs of the people. The cheap personal loans are handy for the people as they are available online which saves the processing fees to a great extent making this personal loan really cheap. These cheap personal loans can be used for any purposes like buying something, renovating your home or paying medical expenses.
Cheap personal loans can be divided into two categories
1>Secured cheap personal loans
2>Unsecured cheap personal loans
Secured cheap personal loans
Secured cheap personal loans are a cheaper version of the personal loans. In secured personal loans the borrower has to mortgage something valuable to the lender as security. But this personal loan is really very cheap as the rate of interest is quite low and also the repayment tenure is quite long. Actually it varies between 3 to 25 years. The loan amount that can be borrowed here is about 125% of the value of the asset kept as collateral. Apart from this the borrower can choose between either fixed or variable rate of interest. In loans with fixed interest rates the rate of interest is fixed over the whole repayment tenure where as in the case of personal loans with variable interest rates the rates keeps on varying every month depending on the market.
Unsecured cheap personal loans
This loan is not as cheap as secured personal loans but here the borrower do not need to put anything as security. So the rate of interest is expectedly a bit high. But you do not need to worry a lot because the repayment tenure is quite short and it varies between 1 to 5 years.
Cheap personal Loans: Interest Rates and Eligibility
The rate of interest for personal loans varies from 5.8% to 19.9% depending on the type of personal loan taken by the borrower. The repayment tenure also varies accordingly. Now the eligibility criteria for these loans are summarized below:
&bullYou must be over 18 years of age
&bullYou must be UK resident
&bullYou must have a good credit history
&bullYou must have a current account with a UK bank
So with cheap personal loans you can shrug off your financial worries and avail them according to your needs.