Personal Loan: Quick Access, Fast Disbursal

by : Bernard Ethen

UK residents who do not have collateral or don't want to pledge collateral against a loan can apply for an unsecured personal loan. With no risk to assets, even homeowners can apply for this type of loan.

An unsecured personal loan has a huge clientele because of its no collateral bond. Tenants, students, self-employed and even home owners take this loan. If any asset is involved, there would be property related legalities to take care of. Matters like property verification and real estate evaluation do take a lot of time. Unsecured credit cuts back on all such time consuming activities. The absence of collateral makes the entire application process very smooth and fast.

A secured personal loan on the other hand takes a comparatively longer time in getting the loan sanctioned. But, a record number of people still avail this loan. This is because a loan on secured credit assures low interest rate, flexible repayment terms and most importantly a choice from different interest plans.

Lenders have been able to reduce the interest rates associated with this loan type because of the presence of security. A secured

personal loan is a profitable lending option for financial providers and banks. Lenders can recover their investments if there is a failure in repayment. The commission for brokers are also greater in this loan type. The growing competition among the lenders ensures that at least the borrowers are having a choice in one loan product.

In an unsecured personal loan, the terms and conditions of the lenders are quite strict. There is no space for deferred payments. Any missed payments will have a negative effect on the loan seekers credit score. The repayment term in most cases stretch to about 5 years. Lenders decide the total amount that is to be disbursed after doing a thorough check up of the borrower's credit profile. With a good credit score, borrowers may expect up to ?25,000.