Getting Accepted For A Personal Loan After Refusal

by : Joseph Kenny

Being turned down for credit is not just upsetting because you can't get your hands on the cash you need. It is also upsetting because it is a personal insult, and is annoying, and embarrassing. But you should not give up, you can still find personal loans, and getting accepted after refusal is very possible.

The best way to deal with being turned down for personal loans is to understand how and why these credit companies come to their decisions. Once you understand how they work you will find it easier getting accepted after refusal.

The first thing you need to understand is called 'the point's scheme'. Companies that make unsecured loans don't just decide at random whether they will lend you money or not. One way, they make decisions as to score your application like a test.

You will be given different numbers of points, depending on your job, how much you earn, if you're married, if you have kids and so on. The company will only give you the money if you score so many points.

If you have made an application been refused, the law says you can ask the company why they said no? And ask them to think again, about their decision. This can sometimes work in getting you accepted after refusal for a personal loan.

Another thing that companies look at his your credit report, they get hold of this from other companies, called 'credit reference agencies'. These companies will have all the details about you in their computers.

They will give the company you are asking credit from, a report about things like. If you have ever been bankrupt, or had a county court judgement (CCJ), and if you were a good payer when you borrowed money before.

Another thing on these reports will be details of anybody who lives at the same address. That doesn't seem fair, but that's the way they work. If you are refused credit for personal loans, getting accepted after refusal may be possible, by asking the company, which credit reporting agencies they used.

You can then ask that agency for a copy of that report. You would be amazed how often these credit reports are full of mistakes. Listing debts you don't have, CCJ's that have been paid off, and people who haven't lived at your address for years.

If there are mistakes, you need to tell the agency to correct them. These mistakes may be the only reason that stopped you getting a loan, and it is a simple way of sometimes, getting accepted after refusal for personal loans.

The credit company may ask you bank reference, the bank need your permission to do this. If you are refused credit you can ask to see a copy of bank reference. If you think that the reference has incorrect information and may be the reason you didn't get credit, you need to contact them to get this changed.

Sometimes all that is stopping you from getting accepted after refusal is where you live. Some companies will not lend to people who live on a certain housing estate that has a bad reputation. Same for a particular street, or a block of flats, you may think that's very unfair, well you're right, is actually against the law.

If you have some reason to think it is why you were refused credit you should contact the trading standards department, and make a complaint. If this is the reason you have been refused personal loans, getting accepted after refusal, may be easier than you think.

The main advice you need is not to give up, many people are in your position and do not find it easy to get credit. But if you go through the advice above you may find that, getting accepted after refusal for personal loans can be done.