Secured Personal Loans: Easy and Comfortable Way of Financing

by : Michael Moore

You want to go out on a holiday with your family to exotic locations or want to buy a vehicle or want money for your children's education but are dragged back because of shortage of money. Well here is a solution for all those who want loan to improve their financial condition and live much comfortable life- Secured personal loans.


Secured personal loans will help you to get loans by keeping any collateral. The amount achieved can be up to 125% of the equity of the collateral kept. The sanctioning of loan will take some time since there will be property related document verification and evaluation of the worth of the property in question. However, since the borrower has kept security the rate charged will be very less. The borrower can obtain any amount between ? 3000 and ? 75,000 as loan.

Requirement of the applicants

&bullShould be above 18 years of age and must be an UK citizen

&bullDocuments related to the property heshe owning which is going to be kept as collateral should be genuine.

&bullShould be employed having regular income

Rate of interest and repayment tenure

Secured personal loans are sanctioned based on the collateral kept by the applicant hence the rate of interest charged is very less and that's because here the lender is at least risk. The repayment tenure ranges between 5 years to 25 years. The repayment can be done monthly or as decided between the lender and borrower. Any default in repayment can put the borrower in bad credit rating list and further defaults can cause him to loose his collateral.


&bullLarger amount sanctioned as loan

&bullVery less rate of interest charged

&bullSmall repayments

&bullLonger repayment tenure

&bullCan apply online too

&bullAlso applicable foe bad credit rated persons to improve their score.