Personal Loans With Bad Credit: Bad Credit not a Problem Anymore

by : Jennifer Morva

Nowadays obtaining bank loan is very easy. The main factor considered by the lender is credit ratings. Loan will be sanctioned for the good credit history people without any trouble but the main problem is faced by the poor credit history people. Their loan request is often turned down because of there lack of capacity to repay the taken amount. Well here is a solution for all bad credit rated people- Personal loans with bad credit.


These loans are disbursed to all bad credit people, CCJs, bankrupts etc to obtain a reasonable amount of money as loan to fulfill personal use and desires. There are some basic requirements which have to be fulfilled by the applicants and on the basis of which the loan will be sanctioned. The personal loans with bad credit can be applied as secured loans where the applicant has to keep collateral in order to obtain loan. The amount received will be of 125% value of the collateral kept. The rate of interest charged is also less. Otherwise the applicant can apply for unsecured loans where no such collateral should be kept and the loan is sanctioned very fast since there are no property checks or document verifications. As the lender's money is at risk so the rate is bit high than the normal one in order to nullify the risk.

Rate of interest

The usual rate is 10.9% APR but the rates may vary between 7.9% and 19.9% APR. The higher rates are given only to those whose credit score is very poor. The repayment tenure ranges between 5 years to 25 years. The exact rates and repayment tenure will be fixed mutually between the lender and the borrower.


&bullAffordable rate of interest

&bullLonger repayment term

&bullThe applicant gets an opportunity to improve his credit ratings which will help him in future when he applies for another loan.