The Better Way to Get Best Deals on the Personal Loans

by : amenda dorothy

The banks are allowed to do so as long as two thirds of the applicants who are offered loans get the publicized rate. One would have seen this referred as the typical rate of interest. However, it is impossible to say how closely this is adhered to, but lenders say they keep to the rules and regulations.

Many of us do not get the typical rate on application, because lenders base their decision on credit scoring, which uses information from credit reference agencies to analyze our financial performance. If anyone has recently defaulted on a payment, taken on a bit too much, or perhaps has a short financial history, then he might be asked to pay a higher interest rate. All lenders have different credit scoring criteria, so there is no pattern to follow. It may be possible that one may turn him or her down, while another welcomes them in.

Many lenders have been adopting what is called a personal pricing approach (one might have seen this in mail shots and advertising) to get round the two-thirds ruling. However, the reality is when a person applies for the best personal loan, he or she does not know what rate he or she is going to get.

Certainly, every time a person applies, it shows up on his credit record which can cause the lenders to think that a person is borrowing because he or she may have financial problems. Thus, one should avoid applying for too many loans in a short space of time, otherwise he/she runs the risk of only being offered higher interest rates, or having the application discarded.

However, before a person applies, he should check out his credit history with one of the credit reference agencies to make sure that his records are up-to-date and accurate, and so there is nothing to stop him getting the loan he wanted.

Submitting an application for a loan and being turned down can damage the credit history, but simply checking out comparison tables and loan calculators does not. The prices vary, for example, some banks charge more than 10% for their typical interest rates. Availing on an expensive loan of 7,500 pounds over 60 months, for example, could cost over 800 pounds more than one of the cheaper loans in the UK financial market. One should look out for newcomers in the market as well, because they could be more inclined to say yes as they try to build market share for them. There are some financial service agencies that have just come into the best personal loans market with the interest rates starting from 5.9 percent.

One can also ask a potential lender for a quotation, which will not show on your credit record, rather than make a full application. The most obvious things to look out for are the rate of interest offered on the personal loan one is thinking of borrowing, and the tenure, terms and conditions of the loan. Several lenders operate a tiered system under which, the more one borrows, the cheaper the interest rate he or she gets. On the loan amount of 1,000 pounds over 36 months with the AA, one would be charged 14.8 percent APR, but one would be charged only 6 percent on a loan of 5,000 pounds or greater. Therefore, one might be better off having the best personal loan fractionally more to move into a lower band of rate of interest.