Bad Credit Secured Personal Loans - is it Your Best Solution?

by : Terry Edwards

Where borrowing money is concerned, having bad credit is a major roadblock. Your credit score and history are what banks and lending institutions look at when deciding whether or not to give you a loan. It tells your potential lender whether or not you are capable of paying back the money they might lend you. If you can keep your credit score in the high range, you shouldn't ever have trouble obtaining a loan. Some peoples' credit is so good that they can apply for a loan and be approved in the same day! Unfortunately those people are few and far between and for people whose credit is poor or bad, finding someone to give them a loan can be an extreme challenge.

While finding a bad credit secured personal loan isn't as difficult as it may seem, there are some things you need to be aware of. If you are able to put up collateral to be used against the amount of the loan, you'll find that more banks are willing to take a chance and lend you the funds you need. While the type of collateral that most banks look for is limited (usually the title to your car or your home), if you fit into the categories they are looking for, you should be able to obtain your loan without too many hassles. Of course, you are still going to need to pay attention to your credit score and do what you can to raise the numbers and improve the overall look of your history. This is because even with secured loans, banks look at your credit score and payment history to see what kind of borrower you will be.

If you are looking for a secured loan and you own your own home, you will have a much easier time of obtaining a loan if you put your house up as collateral against the loan. Owning a home shows that you were, at some point, worth investing in. It also shows that you have built up some equity and even if you have bad credit now, you should be able to do well with your secured personal loan.

Many banks will encourage you to take out a second mortgage. The process of obtaining a second mortgage is often easier than finding a secured loan with bad credit and the loans themselves have a faster approval time. Second mortgages also have lower interest rates than regular personal loans and sometimes banks use the second mortgage as a sort of "charge account" from which you can write checks and pay for what you need without difficulty.

Unfortunately, not everything can be used to obtain a bad credit secured personal loan. Many people try to use the title to their cars as collateral. While banks will usually lend you money to purchase a car, they do not usually refinance the car when you need a loan. This is because cars lose their value far more quickly than homes do. If you do not have a home to use as collateral, you should attempt to find a loan through a non-traditional lending institution.