Personal Loans for Bad Credit: a Perfect Cash Solution

by : Jennifer Morva

Many people believe that they have no possibility to get a personal loan if they have bad credit, there's good news for you. People can be eligible for personal loans, even shortly after declaring bankruptcy. The terms offered to people with bad credit are generally much less attractive than to those offered with good credit, but in many situations, these loans are still your best financial alternative. A personal loan for bad credit can also give you the influx of money you need to satisfy creditors, and begin restoring your credit history.

There are two types of personal loans for bad credit; secured and unsecured loans. Even if you have bad credit, if you have a significant asset (house car etc.) that you are willing to place as collateral against the loan (secured loan) then you should have no difficulty qualifying for a loan. A secured personal loan is much easier to get, as the lending institution will have access to your collateral if you should default, and as such their perceived risk is much less. You may still pay slightly higher interest rates than someone with good credit, but if you can offer a significant asset as collateral, then you should be eligible for such loan. If you offer your house as collateral, and default on the loan, then you will likely lose your most significant asset, your home.

The other type of personal loan for bad credit is an unsecured loan, and these loans are based primarily on the strength of your credit score. The market is very competitive, and is currently tilted quite in favor of the borrower. As such, there are some lending institutions that have expanded into different niche markets, and one of these niche markets is bad credit loan provision. There are companies that specialize in the issuance of bad credit loans, and through one of these, you may be eligible for a personal loan, even with a poor credit history.

Even with bad credit you likely have a great deal of selection, and you should make a thoughtful comparison of the terms, fees and interest rates on all the different loans available to you.