Low Interest Personal Loan

by : Addi

The quickest and easiest way is to take personal loans. Loan taking for personal purpose such as for purchasing a expensive electronic accessory, daughter's marriage etc. comes under the category of personal loan. These are the unique retails loan products offered by a number of Banks nowadays in India. The personal loan is available in various types such as Consumer Durable Loan, Marriage Loan, Pension Loan, Festival Loan and Personal Computer Loan. Though, the personal loan is broadly categorised into two types - secured and unsecured. In secured personal loan the borrower has to keep his property to the bank as security where in unsecured personal loan, there is no need to keep any security near Bank.

There are very minimum documents and eligibility criteria are required for taking personal loans and if the bank is satisfied about the borrower's credentials and repayment capacity, the loan dispersal is almost immediate. To get this kind of loans the borrower has to pay some charges to the banks. This processing fees and administrative charges vary between 1% to 5% of the loan amount. Indian banks usually do not demand for any security, guarantor or collateral for issuing personal loans, they just keeps in mind about the the repayment capacity and regular income of the borrower.

If the borrower wants to prepay the amount of personal loan the banks will usually charge a prepayment penalty. This penalty is usually up to 5% of the outstanding loan amount. Though State Bank of India do not charge anything for repayment of loan amount. By having the SBI's Saral Personal Loan one can pay more than the EMI amount, without attracting any prepayment penalty.

To get the attraction of more people Indian Banks come with additional benefits to those seeking personal loans Like the HDFC bank offers the unique personal accident cover insurance to the borrowers of personal loan, which ensures the borrower's family and comes with a very nominal premium. On the other hand, the UTI bank comes with the offer of free personal accident insurance cover which gives zero balance savings account facility to their personal loan customers.

The personal loan market in India is growing day by day. If the borrower has a satisfactory track record, a credit card with good record for the previous one year and/or a clean credit history of any previous loan repayment then he can bargain for the best rates with the bank for the personal loan. Various Banks offer different personal loan interest rates. Some of them offer really low interest personal loan to their customers. For taking low interest personal loan, the borrower will need to have a really exemplary credit history. If he has ever defaulted on a loan before there is no chance you will get a low interest personal loan. The bank will check the borrower's sources of income and his ability to repay the loan amount.

To get a low interest personal loan, the borrower is required to prove himself/herself and convince the bank that he/she is the kind of client that they want to deal with. That can be done by showing a clean credit record, previous year's paid taxes and the documents of income. By having all the necessary documents and presenting himself in a professional manner, the borrower will increase his chances of getting a low interest personal loan.