Advertise by Submitting Articles

by : Judy Cullins

Articles submitted to Online publishers bring your site new visitors and increase your ezine subscribers. You can also get these benefits by submitting your articles to top Web sites that not only promote your products, but also your services.

Here's how to get your articles on Web sites that have 1000- 500,000 visitors each day.

1. Run a search on the top search engines to find the top ten Web sites who need your content and will gladly post your articles. Try Alta Vista at: or Google at

2.. Use this great shortcut to find sites your articles will fit with. Instead of searching for "product marketing" or something that is targeted, use the keyword "business" without the quotations. Type in "business" in the blank "search for" box, then search. You will have several million Web sites that are about business.

Next, replace the keyword "business" with two words: "submit article" then click on the box just below the "search for" box and click where it says: "Search Within these results" Now, do that subsearch and see the pages that allow you to submit business articles. Reaching these sites gives you great publicity as it helps increase your credibility.

3. Visit the Web sites to see their layout and whether or not they have a regular ezine that needs tips, excerpts, or stories.Notice the different article categories to see where your work fits. Check to see if they want new content in the article format. On some sites you can even see how many hits your article produced.

4. Submit two or three well-edited articles at a time to save time and effort. Submit one or so articles each week if possible.When you practice writing regularly, your articles improve. When you submit excellent articles full of useful, unique information, you will start to be known as the expert Online. You'll love it when people want to use the articles they see on one site for their own.

5. Submit these articles and get listed regularly by the search engines. The key words in your articles attract new visitors and potential clients and customers to your Web site or email address.

Get ready for web marketing. This proven way will bring you many rewards: new clients and new customers. You'll also become a household name in your field.