Advantages and Disadvantages of an Unsecured Loan

by : James Belle

Unsecured loans are loans where you don't need to put up any of your assets as collateral for the loan. For this reason, an unsecured loan might seem ideal since it is perceived to be less risky.
However, there are other issues that should be taken into consideration, below is an outline of the advantages and disadvantages of an unsecured loan:

Available to both tenants and homeowner
The biggest advantage of unsecured loans is the fact that they make it possible for anyone to borrow money; whether you're a tenant or a homeowner, you can borrow money without putting up any collateral.

No risk to your home
For those who own a home but would rather not risk it, an unsecured loan is the solution since it doesn't directly pose a risk to it or your other assets.

Quick completion
Because there's no title or any other collateral to evaluate, and because unsecured loans are usually in small amounts, loan completion is much quicker than on secured loans, in some cases you can receive the money on the same day of being approved.

High interest rates
Because unsecured loans are backed only by trust, they're more of a risk for the lender, the higher the risk the higher it costs to borrow; borrowers with bad credit will face high interest rates on an unsecured bad credit loan, if you have a good credit rating however, this will not be so much a problem for you.

Limited loan amounts
If you need to borrow a substantial sum of money, an unsecured loan is not the solution for you; unsecured loans are given in small amount, usually you can only borrow up to ?25000.

Lack of flexibility
When you take out an unsecured loan you agree to pay it back in instalments over a given period of time for example ?300 per month for 5years, you will not be able to adjust to a lower payment, also if you wish to pay off the loan sooner, you will face an early repayment fine.

As you can see, an unsecured loan has its pros and cons, ideally if own a home or other property that you can use as collateral, it is better to get a secured loan as the interest rate will be significantly lower. If you have a good credit rating and need a small loan, an unsecured loan is ideal for you.