Unsecured Loans - Steps Before Signing a Deal

by : Simon Taufel

Are you in need of only smaller finance? Instead of jumping to any loan offer that comes your way, better take into account all the aspects of the loan and keep your requirements and circumstances in mind. While you apply for Unsecured Loans, do not forget that your focus should be on its cost. A burdensome loan can put more stress on your finances in the form of high monthly outgoings. Hence, know some basics of finding a suitable deal.

First, you must know as to where you stand on FICO credit rating. This is very important, as the lenders want to assess you for risks, before taking any decision on your application. The credit score will depend on what the report says about your habits of making payments in the past. Hence, get free copies of the report and ensure that it has no errors.

Always approach the lenders with an improved credit rating, if the rating is lower than the acceptable level of 600. One way to improve the rating is to make timely payments towards the debts.

Unsecured loans provide smaller finance of up to ?25000, for a short duration of up to 15 years. Your earnings and overall repayment capability will be the basis of the loan amount. The loan comes without the borrower pledging any property as collateral. This means both tenants and homeowners can borrow the loan. However, the interest rate remains on higher side in the absence of collateral.

If your credit history is imperfect because of late payments, defaults, arrears, CCJs etc, the loan will be accessible at enhanced rate of interest.

It is advisable to apply for the rate quotes of unsecured loans. Compare them for finding an offer with lower rate. You should compare additional fee charges as well. Make the repayments without any delay for improving your credit rating and for escaping any debts.