Unsecured Business Loans With Or With Out Collateral

by : Edwin Linares

A loan is most often associated with the borrowing and lending of monetary amounts. There are many reasons for obtaining a loan. One such instance is to get some working capital for a particular business venture.

Many financial institutions serve as loans providers. Borrowers typically apply for loans, which are then approved or disapproved based on certain criteria that varies from institution to institution. Factors such as the ability to repay the loan and accompanying interest are carefully weighed.

Loans have an accompanying interest rate. Borrowers pay back the loans in a specified amount of time, as well as the accumulated interest costs.

There are two basic loan types. One of which is a secured loan. A secured loan refers to a loan that requires some form of collateral to serve as insurance for the loan. Borrowers typically pledge certain assets, such as property or cars, which can then be taken by the lenders in case a loan is not paid off.

An example of a secured loan is a mortgage loan. Borrowers use the loan money to purchase some property. If the loan cannot be paid off, the lenders then have the authority to repossess the house and do with it as they wish.

Another example of this would be an auto loan. In this case, a car is used in place of the house as a form of collateral.

The other type of loan is an unsecured loan. As the name implies, these loans require no collateral. This makes it far riskier for the lenders because they will not be able to recoup their investment in cases where the loan is not paid off.

Because of the risks involved, obtaining an unsecured loan is far more difficult than a secured loan. The lending institution typically places stricter criteria in terms of determining whether a loan can be approved. In some cases, the interest rate is also higher to offset the risk being undertaken.

A common form of abuse observed with regards to loan is predatory lending. This refers to the practices observed by certain lending institutions. Those without an adequate knowledge of basic financing may find themselves in a large amount of debt due to the terms of such a loan.

An example of this would be payday loans. Some have argued the necessity of pay day loans while others have argued that it is an unfair practice. Paydays loans are used for a quick influx of cash. They are noted for the high interest rates, but one advantage they enjoy is the relatively ease and speed in which they can be obtained.