Escalate your Business With Registered Office

by : Darvy Kaitlin

Starting a business in UK, comparison to other countries, is not a tough nut to crack. The business rule and guidelines established by government says that even one or two people can open a company of their own. What all they need to have, according to Companies Act 1985 section 287 (1), is a registered office. It is not necessary that this address would be trade address of the company. This address rather acts merely as legal address of that company. And having a legal address is the most important tool to start your business.

It is the legal address of your office which you have registered under Companies Act. The registered office helps you to establish formal communication. Government organisation sends all their documents including official letters, revenue details, legal matters etc at this address. It is the address letting you to have all correspondence with your clients as well as associated company. All your official letter pads will carry the address, which you have got registered. Thus, it is important that you have address of your office located at a prestigious location.

And availing a registered office located at a reputed office location is easy as there are several companies in UK providing you address facility for your office. Having an office at a prestigious location assures you good image. Your letter pad carrying an address of such location boost impression of your office not only in eyes of your customers, but also business associates. Even there is grater possibility that address of your office might fetch you some more customers/clients.

There is provision that even people living outside UK can now open a company. They only need to have is an office, which is recognised. As, several of companies offering registered office facility have gone online, it is easier to avail this facility. Endowed with several of advantages, registered offices are meant to escalate your business, resulting finally into high business profits.