Business Lines of Credit Provide Quick Influx Of Cash

by : Edwin Linares

For most businesses, a credit line is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the business. In extreme cases where funds are needed for emergencies, having a source of money for such a case can often mean the difference between profit and loss.

In some cases, a busines's assets are not easily liquidized. Therefore, an operating credit line is needed to provide a quick influx of cash. The term credit line is used to refer to the amount of money that the business can draw upon. This is dependent on a number of factors that a lending institution will carefully assess, before they assign the limit.

A functioning credit line is necessary for a business to supplement the cash flow as well as increasing the ability to acquire additional inventory. There are times when cash advances are required as most businesses, especially when it is a start up, lack the necessary funds to run everyday business operations.

Credit lines differ from loans in that the full amount is not given at the start. Borrowers only get cash advances when needed. The amount to be paid off will refer only to the total amount borrowed plus interest.

A credit line is typically reviewed annually. Most credit lines last for one year, after which a business must apply for renewal. The lending institution ascertains whether the cash advances obtained were repaid in a timely manner. If so, then a higher credit limit may be imposed.

One factor that is scrutinized is the potential credit risk that a certain business poses. For small businesses that posses good credit history, the credit line may be adjusted accordingly. They would be able to get cash advances as they wish.

Larger companies that require a higher credit line can be considered a bigger credit risk. Therefore, the credit line is closely monitored to avoid incurring too much risk. One way in which this is conducted is through the use of a daily accounting report. This report includes the accounts receivable, accounts payable, as well as the credit line availability and cash advance amount.

There are great deals or options available. There are lending institutions that offer unsecured credit lines, though the requirements to obtain one are stricter than normal. The advent of the Internet has introduced online banking options wherein the business statements can be simply sent through the online banking web site. This is helpful in cases where you need to save time.