Quick Payday Loan: Loan Against Your Salary

by : Apurva Shree

Before taking a quick payday loan to get rid of your debts you should make sure your lending company is credible and not fake. You have to choose the lending company of your choice. There are several companies on the net offering various schemes to give you payday loans money. You have to make a choice of a scheme which suits you the most. More importantly, you should use extreme caution while selecting your loan agency as there are many fake companies just waiting to run away with your hard earned money, if you are not careful. Select a company with reputation, a past record of satisfied borrowers and a confirmed residential address.

The Loan Agreement

After you have selected your company for taking quick cash loan, the next step is that of deciding the terms and conditions of the Moneytree payday loan you are about to take. The agreement should detail all the important points to which you have consented like the APR for the loan, the amount of interest you have to pay for the loan, the due date of the loan, the penalty charged for not repaying on the due date, the charges for repaying on the next due date and the duration of the loan among other points.

Your quick cash advance agreement must also include the clause that you will not be prosecuted in criminal court for collection of the loan you have taken. According to law, if you fail to repay on time, you can only be prosecuted in civil court and you cannot be arrested. In case the lending agency does not incorporate the above mentioned points in the agreement then you should refrain from signing the agreement or paying any advance and start negotiations with another company.

Once you have confirmed your agreement with a lending company your quick payday loan is just a few hours away. It will be wired to your account directly to facilitate quick transfer of money. Your loan repayment date will be counted from the day your loan is deposited in your bank account. You will have to repay the loan you have taken on the due date decided in the agreement. If you fail to pay on the due date you will be charged double the interest on the next repayment cycle. Moreover, the lender will send an adverse report to the credit agencies reporting the default in payment. So you must make adequate arrangements before hand to make your repayment on time.