Payday Loans: the Low Down

by : Liam G

With the myriad of loans available in today's market it can be difficult to pick out one that suits both your financial circumstances and requirements.

If you are in search for a short term loan, which offers a relatively modest amount, then a payday loan is likely to be your best option.

The idea behind payday loans is to provide a short term means which gives consumers quick access to cash, with a minimum of ?80 and a maximum of ?1000 being the standard amounts offered.

They prove particularly useful in situations where an unexpected expense pops up, such as a car repair or similar substantial bills.

Essentially though, there aren't any restrictions on how the money is used and their approval criteria's are generally lower than that of other loans.

For instance, one of their key advantages is their availability to bad credit applicants. Although requirements vary from lender to lender, generally applicants only need proof of identity, current employment, an active bank account and residence.

This is achieved with recent bank statements, your latest payslip, proof of address & signature and photocopies of both sides of your debit card.

Payday loans have been the focus of a lot of bad press recently, but it's worth noting that it's generally down to the consumers' failure to meet the relatively strict repayment terms.

This means that failure to repay the loan within the agreed term, generally until your next payday, then large amounts of interest begin to accumulate the longer the loan is left outstanding.

It is therefore important to note that payday loans are best used as a short terms means of easing financial difficulty, and if you require a loan for a period longer than this then a personal or secured loan is likely to be more suitable.