Cash Until Payday Loan Solves Your Problems Instantly

by : Precious Almas

In today's expensive world our needs are increasing gradually but our income has not seen the complementary growth. And we often face problems to cope up with the urgent financial needs. Cash until payday loans help us to do so. They are generally availed for short duration. These loans are also known as instant cash loan, post dated cheque loan or deferred deposit loan in the financial market. Each of these names implies the nature of the loan attached.

Some statistical facts to know

An amount in the range ?100 to ?2000 can be borrowed easily through cash loans. You can increase the amount further by establishing your ability to pay back the money. As cash loans are unsecured so there is no need to put any type collateral against the loans. Because of the absence of security, lenders prompt you with high interest rate. It starts from 6.1 % APR and can reach up to 25% APR. But it varies from lender to lender. In case of payday loans you credit score does not create any problem because of its no credit check facility. So bad credit holders can also apply. As the name implies, cash until payday loans have to be paid back on or before your next payday. In case of default you may be charged with heavy penalty.


A legal UK citizen of age 18 or above and staying at his or her place for the last six months is eligible to apply for. You need to have a regular monthly salary of ?2000 or above to get the loan easily. After all it is the only proof of your ability to repay the loaned amount. You have to provide the lender with your current bank account number which must be active for at least last six months. Through this account all the transactions will be done.


Nearly all the lending companies in UK are now offering cash until payday loan with flexible schemes. You can log into World Wide Web to go through all of the available quotes and decide which one to choose depending on your present financial standing. You can apply online also and money will be transferred to your account within less than 24 hours.