Choosing an Internet Home Business

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You decided you want to own a home business…to be your own boss and enjoy all of the perks that go along with it. However, among the myriad of opportunities available on the Web, how do you decide which one is best for you? Following is a checklist to help you decide.

1. Money-back guarantee

Any legitimate home business will require at least a modest financial commitment. The so-called “free" opportunities will seldom reap the sort of rewards that will make you financially independent. Therefore, before you sink one dime into a home business, make certain that the seller offers a written money-back guarantee. This will protect your investment in the event the business does not turn out to be what you expected or if you just change your mind. You will likely have a limited time, typically 30 days, in which to exercise the guarantee.

2. Telephone support

There is an excellent chance that you will have questions as you begin working your new home business. Optimally, the seller will give you a telephone number you can call that will allow you to speak to a live human being. This number would preferably be toll-free. Alternately, they should, at minimum, supply you with an e-mail address you can use to contact support.

3. Training

If an Internet home business claims that you will begin making a fortune immediately without any experience or training, walk the other way. No matter which one you choose, you will have things to learn to make your business successful. Therefore, the best online business opportunities include written training materials and/or mentoring. Being properly trained in your new business could certainly make the difference between success and failure.

4. Set payment schedule

If your new Internet home business is commission-based, which most of them are, make sure that the company has a set, written commission payment schedule. This way, you know exactly when to expect payment and can inquire immediately if you experience any problems with your commissions.

5. Commission tracking

The best Internet home businesses have a Web site where you can log in and check on your earnings. Most can also provide statistics on your Web site visitors and click-throughs.

6. Ethical reputation

Though last on the list, this is probably among the most important of all the criteria. Do the research on your proposed business before committing. Check to see if the company has a record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and investigate whether there has been a volume of complaints made against them. If so, the business is likely a scam and you should look further.

Owning your own Internet home business can be financially rewarding, but any business takes hard work and determination. Nevertheless, before you purchase your business and begin sinking your money into promoting it, do your homework and make sure it at least meets the minimum requirements outlined above.