Payday Loans Without Documents - No Document, Only Cash

by : Andrea Fletcher

Lenders always ask for some sort of security against there money. And it comes in form of collateral. If they do not get their money back, they have the full right to take possession of it. But when you go for unsecured loans there is no need of it. You do not need to provide any property as security. And in case of payday loans these types of schemes are more commonly known as payday loans without documents.

The exact nature:

First of all these are nothing but payday loans which must be repaid on your next payday. One more benefit attached here is the absence of the collateral. So you get the freedom of putting your property on risk. You do not need to send or fax any sort of document to the lender. These are also known as payday loans no fax in market offering the same facility to their customers.

Things you will get:

Well, you will get a chance to bag an amount of ?200 to ?2000 through these loans. You need to pay an interest rate lying in between 10% to 20%. Regarding repayment, loan has to be paid back on or before the next payday. Borrower has an option to go for extension in the loan repayment tenure. But it will cost him a heavy charge.


Well practically speaking, all UK citizens are eligible for these loans. Borrower must be of age 18 or above for applying and must be residing in UK for the last 1 year at leas. Borrower's monthly salary greatly defines the different figures attached to the lender. All you need to do is to go online and fill an application to get the money sanctioned. You will get a number of quotes available online and you can select the best one for you.