Payday Loans No Credit Check-your Friend is Here

by : Johnty Flemming

Payday is the day on which a person gets his salary in the starting of the month. During the month it may happen that you fall into some urgent monetary requirements. The requirement may arise due to anything like going for a holiday trip or paying an accident medical bill which certainly you did not include in your monthly budget. So, payday loans no credit check will get you the cash required in that situation.

Few words regarding no credit check:

No credit check is a method for lending money to people where lender does not go for evaluating the credit status of the borrower. He takes certain criterions to decide whether applicant of the loan is eligible enough to pay his money back in time. So in this case a person who does not have good credit rating gets the opportunity to apply for. And people who do have a sound credit status can also apply.

The eligibility criteria:

If you are an UK citizen of age 18 or above residing in UK for the last few years then obviously you can consider yourself as an eligible candidate for payday loans no credit check. To prove your ability to repay the money you have to have a regular monthly income of at least ?2000. Depending upon your monthly salary only lender will decide how much money can be lent to you safely.

The figures:

Through these loans you can secure an amount in the range of ?200 to ?2000 easily. You have to pay an interest rate of 25 % of the amount taken for these loans. As already said money should be paid back on the next arrival of your payday. If you want you can go for an extension in the repayment tenure. But it will cost you high penalty charge.

These loans can be secured through banks, private loan lending companies or online loan lenders. As you need the money urgently so it is better to online. In very minimum time you can surf through all the quotes available in market.