Ways To Earn Extra Income

by : biggso

Additional income is to the American Dream what apple pie is to America, an essential. Yet sometimes it is possible to work hard to earn extra income only to realize that you are putting yourself and your assets in danger of serious repercussions. Of course, with a bit of know how and finesse it is possible to avoid these problems but there are some things you need to keep in mind when trying to make extra income.

First and foremost, is your location suitable to the business you have in mind? If, for example, you are thinking of doing some part time catering for weekend events and private parties, you will want to make sure that your kitchen is up to the challenge. Is it big enough? Is it sanitary? If you have pets, will you be able to keep them out of the kitchen while you are working on the menu?

Additionally, are you well versed in proper food preparation techniques that will ensure that you observe all the rules and regulations with respect to food safety, temperature control and also transport for the food items? There is nothing worse than having whole parties come down with food related illnesses that can be traced back to you. Not only is this a great embarrassment but it also may spawn lawsuits that might cause you to lose your home and any other asset you have.

Will you need permits or licenses? While earning extra income may seem like small potatoes, it is still important to keep up with the necessary legalities. For example, if you are planning to open a family daycare, you do not have to have a license but if your home is part and parcel of a covenant controlled community or if you rent your home, then odds are good that you need to get permission from the owner or the board of directors for the home owners association before hanging out a shingle to earn extra income from your home.

In many cases these permits are hard to come by and it is not surprising to find that those who attempt to skirt around the issue of permit will suddenly find themselves on the receiving end of letters threatening fines if they persist in conducting business without permission. This is one of the occasions where it is not easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

Last but not least, do you have enough disposable income to make earning extra money a possibility? Do you have a computer system that is up to the challenge of doing the kind of work you are contemplating or do you need to invest in some new equipment? If the later is the case, make sure you are not racking up the credit cards so as to make a bit of income, but instead save up before you get ready to take on that work at home job.