Bad Credit Cash Advance Loans: the Emergency Solution?

by : Devora Witts

Something unexpected has happened and you need cash fast. Your credit score is far from perfect and you do not know what to do. This scenario is more common than you think. Everyday thousands of people with bad credit need cash fast and resort to cash advance loans.

Cash Advance Loans Uncovered

There is a lot written about cash advance loans, they do not seem to be the most popular loans among financial consultants. However, to be fair, this type of loan is useful if employed in the situations they were created for. Most bad reviews on cash advance loans concentrate the analysis on certain side effects that the borrower may experience if he is not aware of what may happen.

The main problem of cash advance loans is that someone with bad credit may face what is called the vicious circle of debt. Cash advance loans are expensive but easy to get. When the loan payment is due, if the borrower does not have the money to repay or needs the money for other purposes he may be tempted to request another loan in order to repay the previous one. This procedure can be repeated several times while the interests keep pilling up. Eventually, the debt will become unbearable and the next step is bankruptcy.

Payday loans are meant for emergency situations, they are not a good source of regular finance. Since they are easy to get as there are no credit reviews required, the interest rate charged for these loans is very high. Though most think there is a lot of abuse involved in this practice, the truth is that the risk for the lender in this type of financial operation is extremely high, and so must be the profits in order to make the business feasible.

Summing Up

A cash advance loan can be obtained by anyone with a checking or savings account; there are no credit checks or time consuming paperwork. You can get the money deposited into your account the very same day you requested it. All these benefits make this kind of loan perfect for emergency situations and that is what they should be used for.

These characteristics that cannot be find in any other loan, bring about higher costs for the lender that are transferred to the borrower in the form of a higher interest rate. Usually, the loan length and loan amount are also greatly reduced. Cash advance loans come with loan amounts of up to $2000 and repayment programs that can last up to 6 months.

If something unexpected has happened, you need money immediately in order to alleviate the situation and you have no other source of finance, cash advance loans can solve your problem. But you should bear in mind that once the situation has been solved you should concentrate your efforts on repaying the loan and turn to better sources of finance in the future. Otherwise, you may end up accumulating debt till you need to resort to more drastic financial solutions.