Check Into Cash- Cash Advance

by : Bob Cash

We hear more about payday lending services these days because the need for short term loans is unprecedented. People often find it difficult to make their money cover every expense that arises between paychecks. Services such as Check Into Cash are also known by the names ()"cash advance" and "paycheck loans". We prefer to think of ourselves as helping people when they need a relatively small amount of money in a hurry.

Cream of the Crop

We began in 1993 in the beautiful southern town of Cleveland, Tennessee and we keep growing. Although Cleveland is where our corporate headquarters are located, we now serve people in stores in over 1,250 locations. Thanks to our high-tech capabilities we also loan money to millions via the Internet. Our industry recognizes Check Into Cash as the leading cash advance company because of our professionalism, excellent training, friendly employees, and years of experience. We know this industry inside and out.

We fill a specialized niche that more traditional lending institutions will not or cannot. When you need several hundred dollars for something pressing, you certainly don't have the time to go through a lengthy application and approval process and credit check. Check Into Cash puts the money in your hand or your bank account by the next business day in most cases.

Responsible Action

With that in mind we always stress the importance of using short-term credit responsibly. We created this service as an interim solution to emergency situations. That means if someone experiences a vehicle break-down or a household problem that needs fixing immediately and they don't have the money payday advance will advance them enough to take care of the situation. In most cases our clients agree to pay us back from their next paycheck. We charge a set rate for each transaction based on the amount of the loan.


Occasionally our customers need more than the usual 2 weeks to repay their Check Into Cash loan. We adhere strictly to state and federal regulations, but even in the most liberal states we limit everyone to four rollovers or extensions. We believe that if someone can't meet that timeframe, they may have financial management problems. In those cases we refer them to credit counseling to help them with better money management solutions.

So, complete online application or call our great customer service operators at 1-877-262-CASH

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