How Debt Can Affect You in the Worst Way and How to Avoid It

by : Abdul Aziz

The major concern of most people today is Debt. Debt has taken over peoples lives and our live on credit society has pushed many people to breaking point, some having sleepless nights as they cannot understand how they can clear all their Debt. It can be done but there are many steps to take in climbing out of the Debt hole.

First stop spending all your life on credit. You should start any plan by stopping all spending at once the second you notice a spiralling Debt crisis in your finances.

The next step is to understand just how bad the situation is and how your situation needs handling. Look at your Debt in the cold light of day, assess it by comparing your outgoings against your income. Those clothes or that holiday that you couldn't live without could be the tipping point to further financial decay. Once you have seen how much Debt you are in and you have the final figure in front of you, then you will be able to plan for a better life.

After this stage you should start to plan how to pay off your Debt and all the practical ways in which you'll be able to give the money back to your creditors.

Some suggestions are:

&bull?Sell the non-essentials in your life. All the clothes you never wear and don't need. The car that just sits in the garage, etc. You may not get market price but you can put this money to good use by putting it towards your Debt repayments.

&bull?Try to repay more than the minimum level. The interest rate at this level is crippling and would be a long haul to repay.

&bull?Seek financial advice. Bankruptcy is a final solution but other routes such as an IVA or a loan repayment scheme might suit your budget better.

&bull?Keep spending to just the essentials in your life and keep away from those trinkets that you don't need.

Keep common sense when dealing with Debt and you'll see it can be a relief to have a grasp on your finances again.

Debt is the word that more and more people are coming to realise causes the most stress in their life. The level of Debt is higher than it has ever been and more and more people are waking up to the reality that they must do something and fast. The answer to the Debt problem is not only simple but when done quickly enough it can set you up for life so you will never have to worry about your level of Debt again.

The first thing to remember about Debt is that it is created by people living beyond their means and spending on credit. Credit equals Debt if you do not act sensibly with it and will become more and more serious with each reckless purchase. Keep your credit cards if you are a sensible consumer but if all else fails cut those cards up. They will save you a lot of stress and?to detox your financial life.

The first step in a Debt repayment plan is to assess how much Debt you can afford to repay in any given month and apply for an IVA. Your creditors need to see you are committed to repayments and they my even agree to supervisory assistance in setting up a repayment scheme.

Pay off the highest interest rate Debt first. The interest rate is what will keep you in Debt. It forces you to constantly repay more and more money the longer the Debt goes on and you need to stop this right away.

Pay above the minimum level of repayment on Debt. This will allow you to pay less money and will get you out of Debt quicker. Minimum repayments are a nightmare and will keep you repaying for years.

Contact your creditors either directly or more advisedly through mediation and see if there is any way that you can get your Debt level reduced, some companies will help you with this if they see assurances that you will repay a portion of the overall Debt.

There are avenues open to help you repay your Debt. Seek professional IVA advice before starting Debt management