Motor Loans to Buy the Auto of your Choice

by : Braden

Contrary to dealer finance, motor loans offer cheaper and cost-effective option for financing a car. Unlimited choice of comparisons, lower interest rate, flexible terms and conditions give auto loans an edge over show room finance. Any model of a used or new car can be purchased with these loans without being financially overloaded.

Motor loans are cheaper than other options and you can make them even better if you go for the secured option. This type of motor loans is offered at lower interest rate. This is because you secure the loan by offering your property as collateral. You can use your home as security if there is equity available in it. In rare cases, a home with no equity may get acceptance as collateral. Higher equity in your home will enable you to borrow greater loan amount. Thus, this will be helpful in buying a new car of high price.

Apart from lower interest rate and greater amount, another advantage in secured is that you can pay off the loan in small instalments. This is possible because of the reduced interest rate and longer repayment duration. Both these factors contribute to keep the monthly repayment instalments within easily affordable level. Moreover, bad credit record of the borrower gets accepted easily in this type of loan.

Tenants and students who do not have property to pledge as collateral can go for the unsecured auto loan. In this type of motor loan, usually the lenders charge higher interest rate. This is because of the fact that they have no material assurance of getting back the loan amount. So, they levy higher interest rate and fix relatively rigid repayment terms.

However, a good credit record together with an impressive debt to income ratio will facilitate you to get unsecured motor loan at competitive interest rate and with favourable terms and conditions. If you can assure the lender that instalments of the auto loan will be cleared in time then a bad credit record will not be big issue in getting approval.