Financing Your Motorcycle Loan

by : Melissa Kellett

Whether you need to get finance for buying a motorcycle or refinance your current motorcycle loan, you should know that you can save a lot of money by finding the right lender instead of sticking with the first offer you receive. A proper research on the loan market will get you the best deal available for you and guarantee that you get approved for the lowest interest rate motorcycle loan out there.

As opposed to common belief, getting a motorcycle loan is just as easy as getting any other kind of loan. Even easier than getting a car loan, motorcycle financing is available to anyone with good credit or bad credit as long as they have sufficient income to afford the monthly payments and any additional costs.

Shopping Around Before Buying

The secret of getting a great deal is not to rush in. It does not matter if you are told "this offer is only valid for the following 72 Hs." If a lender says that, you should know that they are just trying to hasten your decision so you can not go looking somewhere else where you will probably find a much better deal. If it was really such a good offer they would not be so anxious to close on it.

Moreover, searching for the right lender will not only get you the lowest interest rate but you will also be able to get better deals on your loan length and other terms like fees, costs, repayment schedule, loan installments, insurance, etc. Sometimes, in order to offer a low interest rate, lenders conceal within a loan contract many hidden fees and costs or other loan terms that can turn the loan even more onerous than if you agreed to a higher rate loan.

Variables That Affect Your Loan

There are many things that can affect the loan terms you will be able to get: The amount of money you request, the loan length you desire, your credit score and history, your income, your income to debt ratio, etc. All these variables are linked and will ultimately determine the interest rate you will have to pay.

Sometimes saving some money for a down payment instead of asking for large loan amounts that imply 100% financing of the vehicle can save you a lot of money on interests. The same goes to committing to repay the loan on a shorter term or improving your credit score before applying for a motorcycle loan.

Reducing your current debt or waiting for your income to raise a little, will not only boost your chances of getting approved for your desired loan but it will also reduce the interest rate you will have to pay which can save you thousands of dollars over the whole life of your motorcycle loan.

Where To Find The Right Lender

The best way to find a lender willing to finance your motorcycle purchase with a good rate is to search for lenders online and request loan quotes. You can even bargain a little with them prior to selecting the best offer. Remember that the interest rate is not the only fact you need to watch closely and you will do just fine.