Motorcycle Loans With No Credit Checks?

by : Melissa Kellett

There are many advertisements on the net offering Motorcycle loans with absolutely no credit checks. You may wonder if these are for real and what's the catch. Though you can get a motorcycle loan with no credit checks, there are some things that may turn these loans into a heavy burden. Thus, you will need to consider your options before applying for such a loan.

No credit check loans imply that the lender does not know the risk that he is taking by lending to you. Thus, chances are that he will consider you high risk, actually the highest risk. And in the loan industry, high risk has many consequences that when they do not entail a loan decline, they involve non advantageous loan terms.

Risk Consequences

High risk means that you will have to face an inflated interest rate. This is one of the ways the lender covers for what he may lose by lending money to a high risk applicant. The interest rate may be as high as that of cash advance loans or pay day loans and it is never lower than that of credit cards.

A high risk also implies that you will not be able to request as much money as you want. You will probably have to do with a few thousands of dollars. Only small amounts can be obtained by applying for no credit checks motorcycle loans. Again, it is just like cash advance loans or payday loans.

Finally, the repayment schedule will not be too long which will in turn bring about higher monthly payments. While regular vehicle loans and personal loans offer up to 60 months for repaying the loan and sometimes even more, these loans will offer 12 months at most. Thus, loan repaying can be really a burden.

Where To Find A Lender

Though some dealerships may offer these loans, chances are that the best source of no credit checks motorcycle loans is the internet. There are many online lenders offering this and other kind of loans online. You can request loan quotes from them and see if their offers are to your advantage. Always remember though, that if you can show a moderate credit score, you will do a lot better requesting a traditional motorcycle loan.

Make Sure You Can Afford The Installments

These loans, though they lack credit checks, still carry with them the risk of repossession of the motorcycle. The lender knows that he will be able to recover his money by claiming legal property over the motorcycle if you fail to repay the loan. That's one of the reasons why he faces so many risks by lending without credit checks.

So, be extremely careful as if you can not afford the monthly payments, you may loose the motorcycle. And especially if you need the vehicle to work, this may affect your income and ability to repay other debt. Before applying for these loans you need to make sure that your average income will let you afford the installments without sacrifices and that if something unexpected happens that requires cash, you will still have enough left to make the payments.