Tenant Loans - Taking on the Onus of Financial Burdens

by : Mathew Kenny

Financial crisis is a undesired situation when we need some external financial resource to meet our demand and that resource is definitely loan. If we have our own home or something valuable to put as a security against the loan then we get it easily, but what if we don't have that? We are just living at rental home? Does that mean there is no option available in the financial market to help you out? It does not. Tenant loans are such type of loan to lend a considerable of amount to tenants who do not have the capacity to put any type of collateral against the loan.

Statistical figures

Through these loans you can secure an amount in the range of ?500 to ?25,000. Interest rate will lie in between 7.7% APR to 19 % APR. Repayment period will be of 5 to 15 years. All these statistical figures will greatly depend on your current financial state, your ability to repay the amount etc. Though, your past credit record would not effect the process of approval but a good credit rating will definitely do the same at considerable lower rate. As the lender is giving away the loan to you without taking any security from you so they are exposed to more risk and in return he may charge you high interest rate to negate the risk.

Eligibility criteria

To obtain tenant loans you must a salaried person and having a permanent address in UK for more than 12 month. You should be having a personal saving bank account to which you make regular payments. However this is not exhaustible list and may vary from lender to lender. So you should do a little shop around before making any type of decision.
You can obtain these loans from various online lender or physical ones also. Going for online lenders will be a better idea as you will get a lot of flexibilities out there.


Tenant loans are unsecured loans which provide money without necessitating any collateral. These are very popular among tenants and they provide sufficient amount at an affordable rate. A regular unemployment is a necessary criterion to pursue these loans. Make tenant loans your weapon in the financial combat and plan judiciously to come out as a winner.