Home Business Statistics

by : duttondl

When coaching clients to find a proven income opportunity, I consistently tell them to go with
home businesses that are proven. Sounds obvious
but let me explain.

People never change. Look through history and you
will see trends. These trends are still present
today and by latching onto home businesses that
are proven to work with these trends, you have
a sure winner.

Here are some trends that have stood the test
of time.

1) Making Money-People have always been looking
for the goose that laid the golden egg.The great
opportunity.During the gold rush in California,
many people left their families to go find gold.

Guess what? They still do that today as well but in slightly
different ways. Show people a way to make money
and back it up with proof, AKA "testimonials",
and you got a winner.

In my book, Internet Empires Volume 1, I share eight
success stories of people making money with their passion.My goal for people that read my book is for
them to take the stories and apply them to their own life.

Use the general idea of the story and come up with
a proven income opportunity from that.

2) Weight Loss-Although back in the day people
looked at beauty in different ways, people still
cared much for their weight.It started getting
worse during the forties.

Now, fast forwrd to 2006, people are severely overweight with no end in sight.Here's where
you come in.

Find a product or service that has helped you or
someone you know lose weight.Share samples of the product with people.If you share enough samples,
the people that are ready to do something about their weight will rise to the top and you will be there waiting to take their money.

I know a lady, a friend of mine from Dallas,TX,
who lost 152lbs using Medifast and she started
telling her story locally every friday at a

Now, she has a huge, thriving business and
doesn't worry about paying bills anymore.

3)Save Time-This is a huge one.People are crazy
busy nowadays. If you come along with a business
that can save them time, then the money will come.

Here's an example.

I use a service that sends out physical greeting cards
to people.I love the service.I use my computer to
send the cards and the company mails them for me
the next day.

If you were to approach sales people or realtors
about this service, you could clean house with this
service financially.

How do I know? I have several friends doing it
as we speak.

These are just some of the examples of how you
can look at history and use that to your advantage
in attaining financial freedom.